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* A significant proportion of Israel's workforce consists of foreign workers, employed at low wages and under inferior working conditions, in many cases as a cheap alternative to investing in mechanization--also auguring low productivity.
Therefore, whether the population decreases or not, areas with low productivity would always provide business opportunities, as the ROI there is very high.
According to estimates provided for the first time in the Kingdom following a recent survey, Saudi Arabia's business sector was losing SR35 billion annually in terms of loyalty due to poor employee performance, low productivity and a lack of interest in work.
The low productivity a only 41.5% of the average in the EU, also reflects on salaries, which are 14 times lower than those in Denmark, for example.
Aljumaili reviewed during the meeting problems of water scarcity and the problems of salinity as well as the low productivity in the agricultural field,.
Summary: BEIRUT: Assad Khoury, president of the banks employees syndicate, said Tuesday that the syndicate has received several complaints over the last six months from employees who say they have been asked to resign due to charges of low productivity. Khoury said that the number of employees who have been directly or indirectly laid off reached 14 to date
However, effective treatment of employees with mental health problems eventually led to productivity improving to near-normal levels after a period of low productivity during treatment.
Almost 90% of cacao plantations in the country are owned by smallholders who have low productivity with quality below international standards.
Abu Dhabi: The low productivity of Arab workers is a myth stemming from imperialism, according to Dr Hessa Lootah, an Associate Professor at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at the UAE University.
THE VERDICT: Davies is an acclaimed filmmaker (Distant Voices Still Lives, The House of Mirth) as well known for his high art style as his low productivity (his last film was eight years ago).
"It will help provide long-term solutions to a vicious cycle of low productivity, rural hunger and poverty."

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