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Verisk is rolling out an InsurTech product designed to provide point-of-sale loss runs with detailed claim histories of risks insurers want to underwrite.
I looked at the property loss runs, and they were not good at all.
The paper said that every sector is facing hardships and all state-owned institutions are running in deficit and the loss runs into billions of rupees but at the same time the government continues to pursue useless projects like Orange Train, Metro Bus Service on which billions of rupees are being wasted.
LossRunner F2X is designed to reduce internal data entry and streamline back-office processing of loss runs.
"Parents may commit suicide thinking their children will be better off without them, but for children, the loss runs deep knowing their parents deliberately left them." She continued: "As time goes on, the children grow up to be fearful of losing their loved ones and refuse to open up about it, often feeling ashamed."
In retrospectively rated policies, loss runs are the basis for the annual or semi-annual premium adjustments.
* Five years currently valued loss runs with expiring premiums.
By relying on paper loss runs, insurers and TPAs have been severely rationing information shared with their customers.
Hair loss runs in the family, with Princess Diana's father Earl Spencer losing his hair at an early age.
In normal underwriting situations, a company would ask me to give the loss runs and then they'd underwrite the risk.
Real-time inquiry for policy billing, underwriting, claims and loss runs would be easily accessed through the agency management system.