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A security that has fallen in price over a given period, often a trading day. Each day, the number of losers are compared to the number of gainers as one method, among many, of determining the market's overall mood. Often, media reports take the stocks that have lost the largest percentage or dollar amount on a given day and report them as the biggest losers, especially when the losers' industries are thought to be in a general slump.


A security that has fallen in price during a specified period. Compare gainer.


Stocks whose market prices drop the most during the trading day are described, rather bluntly, as losers.

The stocks that lose the most value relative to their opening price are called percentage losers, and the stocks that lose the greatest number of points are called net losers or dollar losers.

Each trading day, the number of losers is compared to the number of gainers, or stocks that have risen in value, to gauge the mood of the market. If there are more losers than gainers over a period of days, the market as a whole is in a slump.

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But if we adopted loser pays, the reasonable plaintiff would not even file the phony suit because he would know that he would have to pay the insurance company that $50,000 when he lost.
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