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Lord Lyon is Scotland's judge in heraldic and hereditary matters.
Ayr United have been told they face court action by the Lord Lyon, who is in charge of coats of arms, if they refuse to re-design their badge.
The Lord Lyon Robin Blair, Scotland's highest authority on heraldry, claims the Orkney flag is in fact the old arms of the Kingdom of Ulster.
Lord Lyon King of Arms told the League One club they break a law dating back to the 16th century and they could ultimately be prosecuted.
The use of the Icelandic flag is not only a snub to the Scottish and Northern Irish elements of the Union flag, but it also breaks protocol set down by the Lord Lyon King of Arms.
The Lord Lyon, King of Arms made no mention of this in 1674 when Aberdeen's coat of arms was officially recognised by his court.
But William, 45, yesterday dismissed the American, who has lodged his claim to be chief of the Akins clan with the Lord Lyon in Edinburgh, as "crazy" and a complete fraud.
The Highland League side appealed to the Court of the Lord Lyon, the heraldic authority for Scotland.
Sir Malcolm Innes, the Lord Lyon, said: "To call yourself a Lord or a Lady, you must have a peerage.
The Lord Lyon King of Arms is also responsible for State Ceremonial in Scotland.
The new Lyon, as the Lord Lyon is known, will face a major organisational challenge in the year 2002, the year the Queen celebrates her Golden Jubilee as sovereign.
The billionaire was warned by the Court of the Lord Lyon - Scotland's heraldic authority - that a Aberdeensh billion C S authori law dating back to 1672 would disallow him to use the unregistered logo.