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That is wrong, and Congress needs to step up and close this corporate tax loophole immediately.
The banking group said industrial charters are a loophole in the banking law that Congress should end.
Rona Caritos, acting executive director of Legal Network for Truthful Elections, said candidates who are taking advantage of the loopholes in the law on premature campaigning should not be given the chance to win.
The Barnsley MP tried to introduce a new workers' rights bill to close the loophole but it ran out of time after Tory Philip Davies tabled 21 amendments.
General secretary Frances O'Grady said: "The Government must scrap this loophole now - it's an undercutters' charter."
The loophole allows finance industry titans to avoid paying ( roughly $2 billion of taxes a year, according to the Congressional Budget Office.
Trump's one-page tax reform outline was "full" of tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans but it did not include any reference to closing the carried interest loophole, they said.
Now the Bradys and the groups associated with former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, are calling this deadline a loophole.
But the bills were marred by the inclusion of Huffman's spousal loophole amendment.
A year after the reforms came into force it emerged that a "loophole" in legislation meant that people who had lived in the same house since January 1, 1996 and received continuous housing benefit should not have had their payments cut.
MOTORING lawyer Nick Freeman, also known as Mr Loophole, has made headlines for years because of his ability to win motoring offence cases for famous clients.
When Margaret Thatcher was in power she made a nice loophole for wealthy companies to pay very little tax.