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Used for listed equity securities. See: Picture.
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1. In equities, the price at which a dealer or broker is willing to buy or sell a security. See also: Bid-ask spread.

2. See: Quote.
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A price and size quotation for a security. For example, a floor broker may ask for a look at General Motors.
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Do you love looking back at old pictures taken around Huddersfield through the years?
However, our focus is not in looking back but in looking back so we know how to avoid repeating the errors of the past in the new year.
It's Good to Reminisce MY MEMORY is a bubble I do not want to burst, For looking back restores my soul ...
In this year's Looking Back portraits, I used drawing to reproduce at large scale the faces of two women that had reached out and grabbed me while looking through a photo album of portraits of black men and women from the late 1800s, which I had found at my grandmothers house.
According to Tagle, looking up, looking back and bowing down to God are simple ways by which devotees could deepen their devotion to the highly revered black image of Christ that is believed to be miraculous.
"When you are injured for a long period of time, looking back on moments in your career is inspiration and motivation to continue the hard work," he said.
But looking back now, it was an unbelievable experience.
Lead researcher Daniel Gilbert, a psychologist at Harvard University, said that the study revealed that a 40-year-old looking back would remember more looking back, than a 30-year-old would do looking forward.
THE VERDICT Anna Faris is on feisty form as a woman looking back at her past loves (she delightfully fakes an English accent when with Martin Freeman).
"Being 100 percent honest, looking back, they threw everything bar the kitchen sink at us but they just couldn't get over the line.
A BORO football star was on hand to welcome in a new exhibition looking back at golden events of football's past.

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