Long-term liabilities

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Long-term liabilities

Amount owed for leases, bond repayment, and other items due after 1 year.

Long-Term Liability

Any liability with a term of greater than a year. In both investing and personal finance, a long-term liability often is a loan with a long payback period. Examples include a 30-year mortgage or a 10-year Treasury note. See also: Long-term financing.
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As regards the public debt, the long-term liabilities based on issued government securities and central government loans decreased," said the National Bank.
LCPF is looking for reliable long-term income yields to match its long-term liabilities and, in this context, we believe that this acquisition fully fits the fund s strategy.
WORCESTER - The city's fiscal health remains strong as two bond rating agencies have affirmed their previous ratings for it, citing "significant improvement" in its reserve and liquidity positions, as well as prudent management of unused property tax-levy capacity and steady progress toward funding long-term liabilities.
The recession also has increased the amount needed to cover the fund's long-term liabilities to $3.
Companies that offer final salary pensions - traditionally the Rolls-Royce standard - have always had to contend with the risk of ensuring their underlying investments, or assets, matched their long-term liabilities.
Rules of the new Government Accounting Standards Board require state and local governments throughout the country to perform actuarial studies of their long-term liabilities for providing health benefits to retirees.
IG went 25-35 about Australia while Spreadex were 32-42, but Spreadex highlighted that their quote reflected their belief in the Aussies' ability rather than any long-term liabilities.
Much of this increase was supported by a rise in long-term liabilities per cwt of member milk relative to 1997--the last time a detailed look into dairy, cooperatives' financial performance was taken by USDA Rural Development.
Financial Education -- In efforts to reduce current costs and long-term liabilities, many companies are making the transition from defined benefit retirement programs to defined contribution programs.
30, 2001 - showed that the Government not only was obligated to repay more than US$1 billion in bonded indebtedness, but also it owed US$158 million in long-term notes and US$475 million in other long-term liabilities, reports The Virgin Island Daily News (May 7, 2003).
Examples of qualitative information are estimated percentage of revenue derived from a related party transaction and repayment terms on long-term liabilities.
Also, capital assets and long-term liabilities associated with governmental funds are not reported in the funds.

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