Long-term goals

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Long-term goals

Financial goals expected to be accomplished in five years or longer.

Long-Term Goals

Any and all objectives, especially financial ones, that a company intends to accomplish over the next five to 10 years.
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Setting your overall, long-term goal is the first decision to make.
If we successfully finish the small steps toward our long-term goals, it becomes a cycle: we take a small step, we succeed, we feel good about it; therefore, we continue to feel good about the long-term goal.
Or perhaps purchasing additional land and expanding your operation is a good long-term goal.
The long-term goal is to establish franchises in every major city.
I don't see why the players should not look at Europe as a long-term goal.
But, based on "the heritage of Catholic moral teaching" and "our Jesuit tradition," the statement continues, "our long-term goal remains full legal recognition of and protection for the unborn child--from the moment of conception.
Achieving that would be a step toward his long-term goal of once again being listed on the NASDAQ or another exchange.
But unlike resolutions to diet or exercise, keeping a resolution to start saving for college is a long-term goal that directly affects your children.
Another long-term goal is to strengthen the partnership that exists among Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies and other users of CJIS' services.
They are also questioning the feasibility of the program's long-term goal.
uCree emails long-term goal reminders each quarter, keeping the user aware of their goals.
But the delay is far less important than the long-term goal of making Worcester more attractive to business.

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