Long-term goals

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Long-term goals

Financial goals expected to be accomplished in five years or longer.
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Long-Term Goals

Any and all objectives, especially financial ones, that a company intends to accomplish over the next five to 10 years.
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In the event of problems, the solutions exist at the time the problem arises: select a new witness and adjust the long-term goal, if necessary.
Whatever its form, cooperation between business and education is a vital, long-term goal. Today's efforts may not bear fruit for years.
The group also recommended changes to make sure that the long-term goal of the installment agreement was to improve the taxpayer's ability to voluntarily comply in the future.
The long-term goal is to get 90 per cent of Michigan's roads and bridges in "good or better shape" and have the funds in place to maintain them.
"The long-term goal is for hundreds of Clubs to provide music programs in partnership with our industry," said Rob Walker, director of market development, NAMM.
The long-term goal of the program is to achieve a representative student body.
The ramp has been a long-term goal of Earl Hansen, who is Vice President and General Manager of The Pasha Group.
Although the long-term goal isn't to transmit chatter, says Michel, the circuit proves that one can use light to move information 'from one place to another on a chip or between chips.' The technique could obviate the need for metallic interconnections, which limit signal-processing speed on chips.
International harmonization of accounting standards is no longer just a long-term goal. It can be within our grasp.
But the delay is far less important than the long-term goal of making Worcester more attractive to business.
"Our long-term goal is to bring The Plaza to a new level of quality and service and I believe Fairmont has the experience and expertise to help us achieve that objective," he added.

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