long-term loss

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Long-term loss

A loss on the sale of a capital asset held less than 12 months that can be used to offset a capital gain.

Long-Term Loss

A loss on a security one holds for longer than one year, or a loss from the sale of a capital asset. In both cases, a long-term loss may be used to offset a long-term gain in order to reduce one's tax liability for that year. Additionally, one may carry forward the first $3,000 of a long-term loss to a different tax year, giving one an even lower tax liability.

long-term loss

Losses on real property sold more than one year after purchase. Compare with long-term capital gains, which are profits earned on real property sold more than one year after purchase.Long-term losses must be deducted against long-term gains.

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These values underestimate the actual cost of the epidemic because long-term losses from disability and expensive medical procedures are not included.
Putting aside the more important factor of human decency, violators are risking substantial long-term losses for negligible short-term gains.
The Prime Minister expressed the hope that yesterday's meeting would be a turning to enhance the development potential that is in the Agreement on free trade, as all realized in practice and felt that in long-term losses from the global recession to build new barriers within the CIS completely wrong and unacceptable.
Not necessarily politically losing hands, but approaches to government that amount to long-term losses for the American taxpayer and our nation's solvency.
White looks at how our current version of capitalism pushes people to increase short-term profits by taking long-term losses, and how the result is pathological growth that pumps out more carbon each year.
When this happens short-term gains can be achieved, but the decline in the quality of products and services and the tarnishing of reputation inevitably lead to long-term losses.
At present, the intervals between the disturbances are generally too short for full recovery and that s causing the long-term losses," Sweatman said.
Experience a sweet taste of history Magnificent home due to pass out of a famous family ownership Pages 4-5 Leap of faith paying off in country living Negelcted plot becomes modern family properties Pages 6-7 Hi-tech leisure area in the basement Grade II listed Georgian home Page 18 Ready to move into Excellently refurbished farmhouse Page 19 Looks can be deceptive Three properties in one at auction Page 24 Property Expert Short-term gains may lead to long-term losses Pages 26 POST PROPERTY correspondent is Alison Jones Email: alison.
This would incur additional long-term losses from having to pay Capital Gains Tax (CGT) on your profits when you sell the shares.
We think the marginal short-term gains from lower electricity prices will be more than offset by long-term losses linked to reliability issues and limitations on growth.
Any short-term boost would be much more than offset by major long-term losses to northern New Hampshire s economy, which is primarily tourism-based.
Developers offer money to divide the community and blind people to the fact short-term gain can mean long-term losses of beautiful landscape.

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