Long-term investor

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Long-term investor

A person who makes investments for a period of at least five years in order to finance his or her long-term goals.
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Long-Term Investor

An investor who intends to hold a security, portfolio, or investment strategy for a term of longer than one year. The exact number of years varies according to the usage. For example, a long-term stock investor may outline investment goals for any time longer than one year, while a long-term bond investor may hold a bond until it matures 10 or more years later. Long-term investing involves more uncertainty than anything short-term because, generally speaking, market trends are more easily predictable in the short term. Thus, while planning for the long term is necessary, one's plan must be flexible to account for the uncertainty inherent in it. See also: Value investor.
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"The establishment of InfraMed should be seen in the context of the initiative to set up a Long-Term Investors Club, taken by the The Caisse des Depots, The Cassa depositi e prestiti, the European Investment Bank and the KfW," it added.
This attracts long-term investors. Filipinos are resilient investors who do not easily withdraw their investments in case of regional and global crisis.
Regardless of what industries appear to benefit from the new public policy agenda, long-term investors are better served by maintaining a diversified portfolio across several industries.
For long-term investors in the stock market, the destination of their portfolio points to growth--and more growth--despite the dips and detours along the way.
Exercising our options to acquire full equity, and assuming management of these strong, growing malls puts us in position to grow with improvements in the economy and to achieve favorable returns for our long-term investors."
A group of well-informed and supportive long-term investors at a reasonable cost should be the top objective of middle-market companies.
Arment expects the EPS consensus for Boeing to "come down considerably" after the company's report next week of official Q1 delivery data, though he continues to recommend both short- and long-term investors buy Boeing shares and add to positions on the current pullback.
The poll covered 376 respondents and took into consideration long-term investors and hedge funds with a detailed knowledge of the European markets and the European economy.
Asset allocation makes the task of diversification easier for long-term investors and the following models are examples that can be adjusted according to your changing needs.
Pension managers turn out as unforeseen long-term investors with large companies because they can't get out!
Predictably, nearly all survey respondents preferred long-term investors, but, less predictably, over half--58 percent--said active long-term investors are most helpful in maximizing the long-term value of their companies.

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