Long-term financial plan

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Long-term financial plan

Financial plan covering two or more years of future operations.

Long-Term Financial Plan

An investment plan or strategy with a term of usually longer than one year. A long-term financial plan involves more uncertainty than anything short-term because, typically, market trends are more easily predictable in the short term. On the other hand, planning for the long-term is necessary in order to enjoy financial security in retirement. Thus, while planning for the long term is necessary, one's plan must be flexible to account for the uncertainty inherent to it.
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The idea of long-range planning - and much of its reality - rests on a number of misunderstandings.
The planning commission is a seven-member body appointed by the mayor to prepare recommendations on long-range planning matters and development regulations.
Secondly, it requires us to do long-range planning.
Long-range planning has a significant impact on company success.
AUSTIN, Texas -- Few organizations excel at selecting and managing initiatives and capital projects, according to a new Long-Range Planning Benchmark Research Report.
Long-range planning offers GCs a valuable opportunity to understand and protect the needs of the corporation while serving the needs of their business clients in a manner that preserves and encourages the profitability of the business.
The California Postsecondary Education Commission (CPEC) conducts policy research and analysis to support long-range planning and student success.
Long-range planning efforts attempt to achieve a balance of concrete examples with strategic directions that incorporate flexibility, nimbleness, and sustainability.
The supermarket industry group's long-range planning committee has recommended that FMI adopt an alternating format and rotate venues beginning in 2008.
The city of Los Angeles has not done any real comprehensive long-range planning for its own solid waste.
was asked by the Assembly Council's nominating committee two and a half years ago to serve as convener of the Long-Range Planning Committee, he must have thought, "Oi vey, do they have a wrong number

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