Long-term goals

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Long-term goals

Financial goals expected to be accomplished in five years or longer.
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Long-Term Goals

Any and all objectives, especially financial ones, that a company intends to accomplish over the next five to 10 years.
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However, it's the long term goals that will make it a success story.
"This award has given me more confidence in aiming for more long term goals for the company while at the same time become an inspiration for fellow entrepreneurs who are now in the process of developing the roadmap of opportunities for their businesses."
"Together we look at the client's long term goals, and use that information to design intricate building systems to help fulfill those aims."
"I realized that my views and those of the artistic director had diverged, in relation to the long term goals, vision, ideals, and management style of directing a classically-based ballet company," said Gielgud from London.
However, if you place all your assets in conservative investments, you may sacrifice long term goals and the higher potential returns offered by more aggressive (riskier) investments.

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