Long-term financial plan

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Long-term financial plan

Financial plan covering two or more years of future operations.

Long-Term Financial Plan

An investment plan or strategy with a term of usually longer than one year. A long-term financial plan involves more uncertainty than anything short-term because, typically, market trends are more easily predictable in the short term. On the other hand, planning for the long-term is necessary in order to enjoy financial security in retirement. Thus, while planning for the long term is necessary, one's plan must be flexible to account for the uncertainty inherent to it.
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The 2016 update will develop a detailed 5 year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and will also consider long term planning projects through the year 2040.
Islamabad -- A 19member Chinese expert group on long term planning of ChinaPakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Bank paid a visit to Pakistan in early March, local media reported on Friday.
This discussion paper provides an overview and analytic guide to long term planning of education systems in the context of Education for All and the Millennium Development Goals.
Geraint (pictured) said: ``I strongly believe that I need to balance my time between the every day tasks which maintain herd health and fertility, with the more strategic tasks associated with nutrition and long term planning.
This includes taking responsibility for implementing and financing capital improvement programs; cash management; market analysis for the real estate and capital markets; and short and long term planning.
The Report Agent component of SENDOUT allowed us to change scenarios and create new reports quickly without duplicating effort," stated Eric Nadeau, Advisor, Long Term Planning.
Allen Motola, Sickbay's President and Chief Operating Officer, said "Our relationship with Burlington Capital Markets provides Sickbay with the professional abilities necessary to both develop the short term internal growth of the company, and achieve its overall external long term planning objectives on a much faster track.
I look forward to becoming more involved in our company's long term planning and expect NBG to further establish itself as one of the leading independent radio syndicators.

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