long-term loss

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Long-term loss

A loss on the sale of a capital asset held less than 12 months that can be used to offset a capital gain.

Long-Term Loss

A loss on a security one holds for longer than one year, or a loss from the sale of a capital asset. In both cases, a long-term loss may be used to offset a long-term gain in order to reduce one's tax liability for that year. Additionally, one may carry forward the first $3,000 of a long-term loss to a different tax year, giving one an even lower tax liability.

long-term loss

Losses on real property sold more than one year after purchase. Compare with long-term capital gains, which are profits earned on real property sold more than one year after purchase.Long-term losses must be deducted against long-term gains.

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Every project has immediate gains called acute impacts followed by long term losses called chronic impact that surface up in 15 to 20 years' time.
As the farmers reel from the shock of losing their homes and their loved ones from Bopha, some of them take stock of the tremendous impact of their long term losses.
It fears the industry could be "critically undermined" by short sighted wholesale and retail pricing policies leaving farmers facing long term losses.
The need for cost reductions has arisen from long term losses in the broadband business as well as reduced profitability for the rest of the satellite communications business," Nera said.
Even more important, Congress also raised the percentage of long term losses that could be deducted from 50 percent to 100 percent (subject to the $3000 limit on capital losses deductible against ordinary income).
The Company has adopted a very conservative approach to revenue recognition, and will not be built on short term gains and long term losses.

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