Long-term investor

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Long-term investor

A person who makes investments for a period of at least five years in order to finance his or her long-term goals.

Long-Term Investor

An investor who intends to hold a security, portfolio, or investment strategy for a term of longer than one year. The exact number of years varies according to the usage. For example, a long-term stock investor may outline investment goals for any time longer than one year, while a long-term bond investor may hold a bond until it matures 10 or more years later. Long-term investing involves more uncertainty than anything short-term because, generally speaking, market trends are more easily predictable in the short term. Thus, while planning for the long term is necessary, one's plan must be flexible to account for the uncertainty inherent in it. See also: Value investor.
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The ELTI association, newly created by the long term investors of the European Union, held its first General Assembly in Brussels on 14 November 2014.
Launched on 5 July 2013 in Paris by 16 European financial institutions, the European Long Term Investors association (ELTI), a.
In the rush to build and sell real estate assets, markets across the MENA region have largely overlooked the requirement to attract more stable, long term investors and end users over the last decade," said the report.
They are long term investors who like to buy and hold and these properties fit well into the portfolio they presently own," said Carra, who declined to name the buyers but indicated they are active investors whose strategy is to upgrade and improve their properties, increase the rent roll and hold for the long term.
This market correction is creating great opportunity for long term investors," said William McKinley, President of Investing Systems.
As long term investors and managers, we are very pleased to acquire a prime midtown office building with excellent street frontage and visibility as well as access to Grand Central", commented Earle Altman.
The growth and success of Stream lies in capitalizing on the fast growing cable communications sector in Poland by structuring appropriate financings with long term investors and institutions to increase the number of RGUs both organically and by continued acquisitions.
Learn how long term investors have an opportunity right now, and read about a pair of corporate bonds.
These are the kind of large cap stocks that are best for long term investors.
Management and the Board of Directors have determined this stock dividend vehicle to be a proper structure to reward long term investors who share the Company's vision.
Our reorganization has positioned our company as an attractive alternative investment asset class for long term investors.
announced today the newest release of their Position Cost Averaging software for long term investors.

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