long-term debt

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Long-term debt

An obligation having a maturity of more than one year from the date it was issued. Also called funded debt.
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Long-Term Debt

Bonds, loans, and any other debt with a maturity of longer than one year. Long-term debt is used for capital outlays, which usually involves a business' need to buy the basic necessities for its operations, such as facilities and major assets. It is also called funded debt.
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long-term debt

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long-term debt

Technically, that portion of any debt that will come due after 1 year from the current date. A newly made 30-year mortgage would have 1 year of payments posted to shortterm debt on the accounting books of the borrower, and 29 years posted to long-term debt. In common parlance, though, it is simply any debt with a maturity greater than 1 year from the time of making.

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As a result of the transaction, Holdings converted all but $525,000 of the long term debt and all interest accrued through September 28, 2012 into 156,066 shares of Series D preferred stock.
Model 5: To understand the impact of each independent variable while raising long term debt for private sector companies
Long Term Debt Ratio (LTDR): Long term debt ratio is computed as Long Term Debt/Total Assets.
Long Term Debt Programme (including bank loans) 2500 'CARE AA+'
As a result of the current transaction, Holdings converted all but USD0.525m of the long term debt and all interest accrued through 28 September 2012 into 156,066 shares of Series D preferred stock.
crore) Rating1 Long term Debt programme (including bank loans) 9000 CARE AAA
"This transaction alone reduced long term debt by more than 40 percent," Brogdon says.
Also, Intersil expects its Q3 2011 GAAP earnings to be impacted by approximately USD8m in non-cash costs associated with the early retirement of its existing long term debt.
CARE has revised the rating assigned to the long term debt programme (including NCD and Bank Borrowings) of Indiabulls Financial Services Ltd (IFSL), aggregating to Rs.10,000 crore to be issued from time to time, to 'CARE AA+' [Double A Plus] from CARE AA [Double A].
CARE has assigned 'CARE AA+' [Double A Plus] rating to the Long Term Debt programme of Reliance Consumer Finance Private Ltd (RCFPL) aggregating to Rs.2500 crore.
ICRA has suspended the rating of LBBB+ (pronounced L triple B plus) assigned to the Rs.150 crores long term debt of Cement Manufacturing Company Limited (CMCL).1 ICRA has also suspended the A2+ (pronounced A two plus) assigned to the Rs 75 crores short term debt of CMCL.

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