Long-Term Contract

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Long-Term Contract

1. A contract to perform work over a significant period of time. For example, a construction company may have a contract to build a skyscraper, which may take several years.

2. A futures contract or similar instrument that does not expire for several months or longer.

3. See: Long-term lease.
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Peterson has won two long term contracts with Statoil.
Negotiation, however, is still underway with prospective buyers which have signed long term contracts with the government.
This is a victory for Connecticut's citizens, who will now be able to take advantage of cleaner and more inexpensive power sources, while avoiding bearing the risks that come with long term contracts.
Management is also pleased to announce an increase in the number of short and long term contracts that the Company is qualified for, and has been invited to bid on.
Tri-S Security Corporation provides contract guard services to Federal government agencies pursuant to long term contracts.
Management has committed to matching expected capital commitments with appropriate long term contracts and other risk management tools to limit Sempra's exposure to price, volume and counterparty credit risks.
Since then, Morgan Stanley Capital Group has been an active participant in US energy and power markets, providing physical power supply and power system management under competitively priced long term contracts as well as energy-related risk management services to clients throughout the United States, as well as globally.
Fitch typically measures the liquidity benefit of possible disposals against the execution risk associated with the disposal process, and notes that execution on all three asset sales, while allowing some deleveraging of the parent, would also reduce the proportion of unregulated generation with long term contracts.
On the operating side, additional protection is provided by an operating reserve account and a required minimum balance in the operating account of $1 billion for so long as DWR continues to procure the additional power needed beyond the amount supplied by the long term contracts (residual net short position).
In addition, while most of AE Supply's revenues are currently supported by long term contracts with its affiliated distribution companies, the purely merchant derived revenues will rise considerably (to 40% of operating revenues) by 2005.
Long term contracts with important partners like the OPEIU are essential building blocks for our solid foundation.

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