London Interbank Offered Rate

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London Interbank Offered Rate

A short-term interest rate often quoted as a 1,3,6-month rate for U.S.dollars.

London Interbank Offer Rate

The interest rate participating banks offer to other banks for loans on the London market. LIBOR is the most widely used benchmark for short term interest rates in the world, primarily because most of the world's largest borrowers borrow money on the London market. Because it is so prominent, it is often used in other transactions, such as swaps. For example, an interest rate swaps may give the floating rate as "LIBOR +/- X base points." It is set each day by the British Bankers Association, which calculates it by averaging short term, inter-bank, deposit interest rates among the most creditworthy banks. See also: EURIBOR.

London interbank offered rate (LIBOR)

The basic short-term rate of interest in the Eurodollar market and the rate to which many Eurodollar loans and deposits are tied. The LIBOR is similar in concept to that of the prime rate in the United States except that it is less subject to individual bank management.

London Interbank Offered Rate

see LIBOR.

London Interbank Offered Rate


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Interest on the senior class A-1, A-2 and A-3 is indexed to the three-month London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) plus a spread payable quarterly beginning Jan.
The facility was amended and restated to (i) increase the size from $200,000,000 to $320,000,000, (ii) extend the maturity from January 27, 2011 to October 27, 2013, (iii) reduce the interest rate from London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) plus 3.
Classes A and B certificate holders will receive monthly interest payments of one-month London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) plus three and 14 basis points, respectively, throughout the revolving and accumulation periods, and on the expected final payment date, provided an early amortization event does not occur.
Interest on all of the classes will be indexed to the three-month London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) plus a spread payable quarterly commencing December 15, 2006.
NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings has finalized its new basis risk stress criteria for securitizations involving USD London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR).
4% over the three-month London interbank offered rate.
The spread of threemonth London interbank offered rates over OIS rates for euros was steady, compared with Friday's level, at 50 basis points.

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