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Locked in

When an investor is unable to take advantage of preferential tax treatment because of time remaining on a required holding period. Also, a commodities position in which the market has a limit up or limit down day and investors are unable to move in to or out of the market.

Lock In

To close a position such that the profit or loss from an investment is realized. For example, if an investor buys a stock at $5 per share and the price goes to $10, the investor has a paper profit of $5 per share. However, if the investor waits to sell the stock until the price drops to $8, the locked in profit is only $3 per share. Investors often wait before locking in substantial profits or losses, as locking in a profit may result in higher taxation, while locking in a loss removes the possibility that the investment can be recovered.

locked in

To have a large paper, or unrealized, profit in a security position, with the result being that sale of the security would engender substantial taxation.
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the waves of lock-ins in 2001, the occupation of Barcelona's Cathedral in 2004, the occupation of the University of Pablo Olavide in Seville in 2002) were possible because they were accompanied by an intense process of grassroots organization and deliberation, which were seemingly invisible to a civil society little concerned with the issue.
AMCORE is one of the fortunate mortgage lenders that, to combat fallout, can charge a lock-in fee for its retail production, especially for refinances.
SUSAN Wharmby has just escaped her mortgage lock-in and is saving pounds 83 a month.
Vendor lock-ins can have a real impact on both financial organisations' CAPEX and IT efficiency.
A MERSEYSIDE pub escaped closure despite a string of illegal lock-ins and fights.
Dressing-room lock-ins after a game are more the stuff of football but on a few occasions the Bears' players were a while emerging after their latest batting collapse had been picked over.
Nibbles It's not an event that would normally tilt Weatherfield on its axis, given Liz's passion for lock-ins with gentleman callers, but who knew she offered such a wide range of services - special, luxury and supreme.
Sources at Old Trafford laugh nervously when they confirm there have been two dressingroom lock-ins already this season.
Barker's childhood of outrageous brutalization and jailhouse lock-ins is so severe that unlike Dexter he is unable to limit targets to only the guilty or even the questionably guilty.
However, it's not all lock-ins and sampling the produce, as he and chef Richard Fox find out.
The activities consider the holidays and events normally associated with the relevant month, offering sound advice for conducting such events lock-ins and history reviews creatively as well as ideas for displays and "passive programs.