local area network

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local area network (LAN)

a network of PERSONAL COMPUTERS used to undertake routine data processing functions in a business. Over the years these networks have become more complex and to this extent a ‘system crash’ or failure can be highly disruptive and expensive. Old-style PC networks were device-sharing facilities giving people access to a departmental printer or fax. If they went down, people could still carry on working. In modern networks, however, people use PCs to log on to the network for all their software, including word processing and databases, and to access information held on software in other departments. See INFORMATION MANAGEMENT.
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local area network (LAN)

a network of computers within an organization, connected by cable or radio signals, to facilitate internal communications. Local area networks can, in turn, be interconnected through the INTERNET.
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A Wi-Fi nonlocal network involves connecting to a Wi-Fi network with your smart device and reaching across the cloud to the local network where your LXI instrument is connected (Figure 2).
The Japan Local Network System federation of trucking company unions uses it to disclose logistics information on carrier vehicles, freight, and warehouses, while carriers use it to exchange information directly, as well as to execute contracts and settle accounts in real time.
Developed to bridge the gap of limited bandwidth options available for expanding local networks, the TRUFFLE bonds together as many as six high-speed Internet connections forming a virtual single broadband pipe that is extremely reliable and efficient.
The transceiver serves as a conduit between the user and multiple destination devices via a local network or Internet connection.
According to the requirement of modern teaching theory and technology, based on software engineering, database theory, the technique of net information security and system integration, a net testing system on local network was designed and realized.
The higher security grade represents the specification of allowed network services offered by the protected local network servers.
This ingenious little box allows you to connect up to four USB printers and scanners to one network connection so you may control the devices from any computer on the local network. Mine works like a charm, although it would be nice to have some documentation.
The money, pounds 2,096 from the Local Network Fund for Children and Young People and pounds 2,282 from the Coalfields Regeneration Trust Bridging the Gap initiative, was used to buy a new bowling machine and nets for Ansley Cricket club.
The program instantly searches all existing and imported files on CD-ROM or local network servers.
has completed their software technology package designed to make search of desktop and local network data ultra-fast and intuitive to the way people think.

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