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A unit of length equivalent to 7.92 inches. It is used in the surveying of land.




A surveying measurement still seen in older deeds or in deeds using descriptions from earlier times.A link is 7.92 inches.See land measurement conversion.

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Naseem Saeed from the Kirklees Local Involvement Network (LINk) said "HealthWatch will work with and listen to local people and capture their views and experiences of using health and social care services.
North Tyneside Local Involvement Network has replaced the former Patient and People's Forums to give people a stronger voice and, hopefully better care.
The South Tyneside Local Involvement Network, an organisation made up of residents and groups, aims to give the community a stronger voice in how their services are delivered.
Edgerton's Dr Sara Matley, a consultant clinical psychologist at LGI, said at a meeting with Kirklees Local Involvement Network (LINk), a health watchdog, last month: "It places an extra pressure on the paramedics.
Now members of the Kirklees Local Involvement Network (LINk) are urging health bosses to put patients first.
Kirklees Local Involvement Network (Link) has set up a Task Group to look at the provision of care services people get in their own home.
The Local Involvement Network (Link) is inviting people to have their say on health and social care issues by taking part in a new committee group.
Among the organisations represented at the Get Involved event (from 10am to noon) will be the Local Involvement Network, political parties, University of Huddersfield, magistrates, Youth Offending Team, parish councils, Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing, Metro and various services from within the council itself.
The Making It Better event was organised by the action group, Kirklees Local Involvement Network - or Kirklees LINk for short - which involves people across Kirklees in making decisions about their health and social care.
A Local Involvement Network (Link) has been set up for people and community groups across Kirklees to influence and shape the services.
Local Involvement Networks (LINks) will cease to operate from this date.

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