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local area network (LAN)

a network of PERSONAL COMPUTERS used to undertake routine data processing functions in a business. Over the years these networks have become more complex and to this extent a ‘system crash’ or failure can be highly disruptive and expensive. Old-style PC networks were device-sharing facilities giving people access to a departmental printer or fax. If they went down, people could still carry on working. In modern networks, however, people use PCs to log on to the network for all their software, including word processing and databases, and to access information held on software in other departments. See INFORMATION MANAGEMENT.
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local area network (LAN)

a network of computers within an organization, connected by cable or radio signals, to facilitate internal communications. Local area networks can, in turn, be interconnected through the INTERNET.
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To spread via local area networks Palyh scans other network computers and copies itself to the Window s auto-run folders (if it exists on a given computer).
Office local area networks are explained in section four.
They begin the day by turning on their personal computers that are connected to the department's local area network. To bring themselves up-to-date, some officers decide to run a list of all of the burglaries entered into the department's database during their vacations.
The simple user-friendly CD-ROM that is a popular stand-alone title may perform erratically on the local area network. The selector must rely on advice and reliable testing from the technical staff to assure the product will sustain the desired number of network users without a significant drop in response time.
Installing firewall - computers that filter the communication between private networks and the Internet - will protect an office practice's local area network and a hospital or health care system's wide-area network from unwanted hackers.
It may even make obsolete the software and the hardware for local area networks (LANs).
Corporate networks, which span the entire communications infrastructure of an operation, include private branch exchanges (PBXs), local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), and cordless communications systems.
Local area networks, which link personal computers, come in all flavors.
An IP-based system can also support broadcast and interactive video over local area networks and wide area networks.

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