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In the first quarter of 2007, Arkansas banks collectively had a loan-loss reserve ratio of 1.
Under, a new loan-loss reserve agreement between FedNor and Northern Ontario credit unions, high-risk businesses in the North will be given access to the capital and consulting services they need to either get a new business off the ground or to expand an existing enterprise.
After the announcement of this initiative, the SEC raised concerns regarding the loan-loss reserve practices of some banking organizations, requiring one banking organization to reduce its reserves by $100 million.
ln the absence of a market, the loan-loss reserve is designed to help customers through bad times.
He also noted, however, that "one modification that CAIT does plan to incorporate in its 2000 audited financials is an increased loan-loss reserve which will have an immaterial effect on earnings.
I would like to point out that the November 1991 interagency policy statement stated that, although the value of collateral is a relevant factor in the evaluation of a loan, supervisory policies do not require automatic increases to the loan-loss reserve solely because the value of the collateral supporting a performing loan has declined to an amount less than the loan balance as long as there are no weaknesses that jeopardize repayment of the credit.
While the bank is optimistic about Southern California's economic environment, its loan-loss reserve remains fully funded at approximately 2 percent of total loans.
Amounts allocated to loan-loss reserve were the result of net charge-offs of $1,015,000, which represent an increase of $476,000 over 1995 and are reflected in the net income for 1996.
38 billion yen in bad loans, chiefly by funneling money into its loan-loss reserve accounts.
Sanwa said it set aside money equal to 100% of the loans to bankrupt firms, while it funneled money equivalent to 73% of risky loans into loan-loss reserve accounts.
The banking industry, joined by the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, had warned that stringent bad-loan calculation criteria and loan-loss reserve requirements could exacerbate the already-rampant cautious stance on lending.