Loan note

Loan Note

A contract stating the terms of a loan, such as the principal, the interest rate, and the payment schedule. A loan note states the rights and obligations of both the lender and the borrower. If one party does not fulfill his/her obligations, the other may sue for redress.

Loan note.

A loan note is a promissory agreement describing the terms of a loan and committing the person or institution borrowing the money to live up to those terms.

For example, a mortgage loan note states the principal balance, the interest rate, the discount points, a payment schedule and due date, and any potential penalties for violating the repayment terms.

When the required repayment has been made, the agreement between the parties ends.

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The original loan note agreement between the two companies was signed on 5 January 2012.
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The gain attributable to the loan notes is normally taxed when the loan note is repaid, which will be 28% if ER is not available.
This results in a reduced value and coupon loan note and conversion of some debt and loan notes into shares.
5m cash injection, a reduced value and coupon loan note and a significant conversion of debt and loan notes into shares.
The convertible loan note secured during the period will allow the company to accelerate the development of DrugPrint and PathScore.
New York) from family-owned Dekker Group for $122 million in cash, a loan note of $1.
Significantly reduces cost of debt (convertible loan note coupon of 13.
As a result Global will be the sole lender of the amended loan note with collateral remaining in place and securing the obligation.
ER does not automatically apply to loan notes, and will (unless an election is made to tax the gain at the same date as the share sale) be taxed at 28% (or maybe even higher if CGT subsequently increases further) when the loan note is repaid.
The loan notes will be provided pursuant to the terms of a loan note instrument to be dated on or around September 7, 2009.
Proventec also had a large payment to make at the end of June which coincided with a loan note and interest payments.