listing broker

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Listing broker

In the context of equity, when a stock is traded in exchange it is said to be listed. A licensed real estate broker who completes a listing of a property for sale.
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Listing Broker

In equities, the broker who puts a security up for trade on an exchange, also called listing the security. The broker must be a registered member of the exchange in question, and the security must meet the exchange's listing requirements.
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listing broker

The real estate broker who enters into an agreement with a property owner to market and solicit offers to buy the owner's property.

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"In reality, NAR rules specifically direct listing brokers to determine--in consultation with their clients--the amount of compensation to offer buyers' brokers in connection with their MLS listings," the Association argues.
NAR's filing notes that listing brokers' offers of commission to buyers' brokers on MLSs has been shown to actually increase the number of potential buyers.
Furthermore, under NAR rules, a buyer's broker is free to negotiate a commission from the listing broker that is different from what appears in the MLS listing.
Interested buyers are able to connect with Fannie Mae listing brokers directly via telephone and e-mail contact information contained on the site.
In an action designed to reduce co-broker disputes end enhance market efficiency, CIBS (Commercial Industrial Brokers Society of Long Island) has added commission and fee transparency to its code of conduct, effectively making listing brokers responsible for informing co-brokers about commissions and payment terms.
Previously, listing brokers would attempt to negotiate payment terms after a deal was underway, rather than before.
* Broker of the Year Downtown: Mara Papasoff has been one of the top producing sales and listing brokers with Brown Harris Stevens since joining the firm in 1999.
The exchanges existed because there was concern that brokers did not have "real listings." In that period of time, exclusive agreements were rare and homeowners would contact all of the real estate brokers in an area and give them an open listing Brokers found themselves frustrated when, after significant effort and the production of an interested purchaser, the property had already been sold by another broker or by the owner.
GB Richard Ellis's Team East II--Cahill and his associates Sean McDonnell and Michael Dillon -- are the listing brokers for the available space in the Shelton Technology Center (STC), which now has more than 113,000 SF in three buildings.