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Listed security

Stock or bond that has been accepted for trading by one of the organized and registered securities exchanges in the United States. Generally, the advantages of being listed are that exchanges provide: (1) an orderly marketplace; (2) liquidity; (3) fair price determination; (4) accurate and continuous reporting on sales and quotations; (5) information on listed companies; and (6) strict regulation for the protection of securityholders. Antithesis of OTC Security.
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Listed Security

Stock in a publicly-traded company that is traded on a particular stock exchange. For example, companies that trade on the NYSE are said to be listed securities for that exchange. Listed securities must conform to each exchange's listing requirements, which usually mandate having a certain market capitalization, number of shareholders, and/or revenue. Listing requirements exist to enforce stability on an exchange as much as possible. A listed security may be delisted if it fails to meet the listing requirements for too long. However, some listed securities may be temporarily exempt from listing requirements if they show some sign of a potential recovery. It is important to distinguish firms with listed securities from member firms, which are companies that conduct trades on an exchange. See also: C.
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listed security

A security traded on any of the national or regional securities exchanges. Listed securities are generally more liquid than securities that trade only in the over-the-counter market. Also called exchange-traded security. Compare unlisted security.
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Listed security.

A listed security is a stock, bond, options contract, or similar product that is traded on an organized exchange.

Being listed has advantages, including being part of an orderly, regulated, and widely reported trading process that helps insure fairness and liquidity.

To be listed, the company issuing the security must meet the requirements of the exchange where it wishes to be traded. For example, to list a stock, the company typically must have a minimum market capitalization, a minimum number of existing shares, and a minimum per share price.

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