Liquidation value

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Liquidation value

Net amount that could be realized by selling the assets of a firm after paying the debt.
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Abandonment Value

The value of an asset if it were sold immediately and all debts associated with it were repaid. That is, the abandonment value is what would be left over after an asset is sold and all the bills were paid. It is also called the liquidation value. See also: Market Price.

Net Asset Value

In stocks and businesses, an expression of the underlying value of the company. That is, it is a statement of the value of the company's assets minus the value of its liabilities. One way of thinking about the net asset value is that it is the underlying value of a company, not the value dictated by the supply and demand of shares or its market capitalization. It is also called the book value.
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Firms that produce enterprise value estimates do so to facilitate comparison with their hypothetical liquidation value, and/or because they have adopted fresh-start or quasi-reorganization accounting procedures that require the restatement of balance sheet accounts to their fair market value.
1.83-3(1) and a proposed revenue procedure in Notice 2005-43, a partnership and all of its partners can elect to follow a set of safe-harbor valuation rules in which the FMV of a partnership interest transferred in exchange for the performance of services would equal the liquidation value of that interest for transfers on or after the date the regulations are finalized.
In the second method of an NLV appraisal of a corridor, the appraiser applies a preconceived ratio to the ATF value to arrive at net liquidation value. Both methods use an ATF value as a starting point.
The liquidation value considers no value for cash due to the assumption that cash dissipates during or before the bankruptcy.
The Series E Preferred is perpetual, non-callable for five years, and has a liquidation value of USD 25 per share.
(4) In an effort to provide guidance for taxpayers, the proposed regulations introduced a "liquidation value safe harbor." Under this safe harbor, the FMV of the debt-for-equity interest will be deemed to be the liquidation value if (1) the debtor partnership determines its partners' capital accounts under Regs.
Stumpage value is the market price for standing timber ready for immediate harvest (also called timber liquidation value).
One report gave the liquidation value of the assets in case the banks had to sell them to a third party.
in many cases it is an estimate of the inventory's liquidation value. This is accomplished by excluding inventory items that would generate minimal to no value in a liquidation.
Secured debt accounted for around 70% of Yango's total borrowing as of end-September 2017, and made up more than 80% of the Fitch-estimated liquidation value. The one-notch difference between Yango's senior unsecured rating and its Long-Term Issuer Default Rating reflects the subordination of its unsecured debt to secured debt.
(NYSE American: ECF) has priced an offering of 1.2 million 5.25% Series A Cumulative Preferred Shares ("Series A Preferred") with an aggregate liquidation value of USD 30 million, the company said.