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Describing what learners can do at each level, the STEP scales articulated the linguistic performances students should be able to do to demonstrate progress.
In doing so, she constructs the belongingness of her child to the Wanano descent group and recognizes the necessity of manifesting that belonging in linguistic performance.
Does the academic competence of the postgraduate students specializing in English with Language emphasis reflect in their linguistic performance in English Intonation tune assignment?
Nonetheless, it is safe to assert that he has a speech-oriented, non-a priori understanding of linguistic performances.
Such thinking, in turn, "reflects a combination of technology and linguistic performances and, therefore, cannot and must not be reduced to a mere set of empirical data about test flights and budgetary figures" (p.
More specifically, Brandom holds, 'If any set of performances within a social practice is interpretable by us, in the sense that it can be mapped onto our linguistic performances so as to make conversation possible, then the social practice interpreted is a rational (linguistic) practice' (83).
It is bold and imaginative in its articulation of the political work possible through testimonio without sacrificing precise attention to the interpretive possibilities of linguistic performances that have become a hallmark of Cruz-Malave's work.
Against many language theorists, who think of a public language in terms of an ahistorical abstract system of symbol-types governed by discrete sets of rules, Millikan holds that accumulated facts about past linguistic performances are determiners of contemporary semantic and syntactic facts.