Linear regression

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Linear regression

A statistical technique for fitting a straight line to a set of data points.
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Linear Regression

A statistical technique in which one takes a set of data points and plots them on a line. Linear regression is used to determine trends in economic data. For example, one may take different figures of GDP growth over time and plot them on a line in order to determine whether the general trend is upward or downward.
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where [V.sub.0] is the static internal volume of the net pen (without the effect of the current) and [V.sub.ij] is the internal volume of the deformed net pen with i current speed and j linear weight of the sinker ring.
and the corresponding linear weights, indicated by [d.sub.0], [d.sub.i], [d.sub.2] in this case:
As a comparison, we are to use the linear weighted method to solve this problem, a very famous method (Kim and Han (1999)), where weighted value [lambda] [member of] [0, 1].
Multi-mode ovens are said to be suitable for profiles of industrial type with a linear weight above 150 g/m and up to 2 Kg/m, or for dies with several exits.

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