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Over the next several years, life insurance companies will begin to adopt accelerated underwriting techniques that aggregate consumer lifestyle data from places like LexisNexis, pharmaceutical companies and motor vehicle agencies to compile an applicant risk profile.
* Life insurance growth is primarily built on demographic factors.
Disposable income and financial development are positively associated with life insurance demand, whereas the level of social expenditure constrains its development.
Seniors hold $500 billion of life insurance already in force, said Leonard H.
Although insurers offer several options, financial experts recommend two products: variable universal life insurance, which combines life insurance with a policyholder-driven investment component; and traditional whole life insurance, which offers guaranteed returns and fixed premium payments.
The third party then markets its life insurance policy inventory through its network of insurance agents and financial planners, who earn commissions based on the face amount for identifying and arranging for the sale of policies to investors.
Life insurance is purchased for a variety of reasons and should be a part of every financial and estate plan.
A recurring theme in Clark is the relationship of life insurance to credit, both state and personal.
Finally, life insurance can play an important role in settling estate taxes without disrupting real estate assets.
As with any estate-planning decision, you shouldn't postpone creating an irrevocable life insurance trust once you determine that you need it.
It makes the life insurance policy a valuable financial asset that can improve the quality of the resident's remaining years.

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