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In contrast, "Oglala Lakota County, South Dakota - a county that includes the Pine Ridge Native American reservation - revealed the lowest life expectancy in the country in 2014 at 66.8 years, comparable to countries like Sudan (67.2), India (66.9), and Iraq (67.7)," according to ( a statement Monday by IHME.
Girls in the south east will live for 84 years on average, and their healthy life expectancy is 66.6 years.
The top 50 local areas with the highest male life expectancy at birth were in the South-east, East of England, South-west, London and East Midlands only.
This is the first study to estimate life expectancy in a large, diverse group of HIV-positive people across the United States and Canada.
Location of work did not affect the ability to predict life expectancy (p = 0.48), and no particular specialty did significantly better (p = 0.24) (Table 2).
We calculated the racial difference in life expectancy for men and women at the national and state level.
"We need to monitor life expectancy, the diabetes rate and other vital health indicators with the same intensity we apply to baseball statistics and stock market gyrations," the study stresses.
It shows that male life expectancy ranged from 68.3 years in Birkenhead to 79.9 years in Heswall, and female life expectancy ranged from 75.3 years in Birkenhead to 84.9 years in Bebington.
Currently, the worldwide life expectancy for all people is 64.3 years, but for males it's 62.7 years and for females life expectancy is 66 years, a difference of more than three years.
For men in Wales, the gain in life expectancy was less than half a year between 2009-11 and 2015-17, compared with two years in the previous period, while for women the picture is similar, with Wales having the smallest increase in the UK in the most recent period of only 0.2 years.
In Powys, life expectancy at birth for men has dropped from 80.5 years in 2012-14, to 79.6 years in 2015-17.