Term life insurance

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Term life insurance

A contract that provides a death benefit but no cash build up or investment component. The premium remains constant only for a specified term of years, and the policy is usually renewable at the end of each term.

Term Life Insurance

A life insurance policy that provides coverage only for a certain period of time. A term life insurance policy provides a benefit upon the death of the policyholder, but ceases to provide this benefit if he/she is still alive when the policy expires. Upon expiration, the policyholder may decide to renew the policy or let it lapse. If the policy lapses, the policyholder is not reimbursed for the premiums paid over the life of the policy. A term life insurance policy does not include some of the other benefits of a whole life policy, such as a savings component.
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While a reasonable 65 per cent of the urban population of the country owns life insurance, term insurance owners only make an abysmal 21 per cent of urban India.
Contract notice: Provision of insurance group life insurance, term life and accident insurance and health insurance trgyban.
Term Life Insurance: The most basic form of life insurance, term life covers the policyholder for a specified time period, typically between 10 and 20 years.
Permanent life insurance, term life or a convertible term policy can be important for pension replacement or Social Security replacement down the road if your clients still have a need for coverage beyond retirement.

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