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SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS PISCES LEO VIRGO LIBRA SCORPIO to know someone better but they find it amusing to keep you guessing.
"There are fear that the spread of Libra would hinder the effects of the financial policies of each central bank based on legal tender," added the Yomiuri Shimbun editorial.
Change is required in a financial system that does not work for the majority, but Libra is not the answer.
And Libra itself could create some inflationary pressures because it is an effective addition to liquidity.
"Based on the white paper, we believe Libra could resolve some of the main issues currently underpinning the marginal expansion of cryptocurrencies.
Libra has been designed to be built upon, any profit Facebook makes will be reward for their connecting of over 2 billion people.
Though Libra could be a way for Facebook to drive spending when people interact with Facebook ads, the company says the currency will be independent and won't require a Facebook account to use.
The answer there might be radically different with a network like Libra presenting a solution, he added.
Summary: Facebook is poised to release its brand-new cryptocurrency, Libra, next year.
Libra is being compared to bitcoin and to PayPal, but the difference is that the rules are not that strict.
Facebook will have no access to transaction data, said David Marcus, project manager for the currency, which is named Libra.
Facebook has partnered with 'more than a dozen' major companies before the announcement of its crypto-currency, Libra, next week.