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The drawer contained colonial cents, half-cents, and most prominent, an almost-complete set of Liberty Head nickels.
Alameda, CA, July 30, 2017 --( Collectors won't want to miss the US $20.00 gold coins from 1907 and 1908, when the transition was underway from the Liberty Head motif to the iconic design by American sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, featuring a fierce and majestic eagle in flight reversing to the elegant figure of Liberty bearing an olive branch.
Stretching from the late 18th century to the early 21st, this volume covers half cents, large cents, flying eagle cents, Indian head cents, Lincoln cents, two-cent pieces, silver and nickel three-cent pieces, shield nickels, liberty head nickels, buffalo nickels, and Jefferson nickels.
Also, customers can browse historic collections, including buried treasure coins from the Saddle Ridge Hoard recently discovered in California that received national notoriety, including the 1866 USD20 Liberty Head, No Motto for USD1.2m.
1913 Liberty Head nickel, once branded a fake, has been sold at an auction for US$3.1mn.
The appraisers at Heritage Auctions, where a 1913 Liberty Head nickel is set to be auctioned in April, certainly think so.
This edition has updated photos of modern coins and includes missing-edge-lettering errors, a list of National Park quarters to be released through 2021, and additional or updated photos of older coins like Flying Eagle and Lincoln cents; Shield, Liberty Head, and Buffalo nickels; Draped Bust and Liberty Seated coinage; and the 1996 Olympic commemoratives.
I found at least one coin in our garden each of the next six planting seasons, including three Liberty Head nickels (1898, 1900, 1902), a Standing Liberty quarter (1903), a few more Indian Head pennies, and several others.
In her shoe, she wore a tuppence borrowed from a friend and a 1945 Liberty head dime that her maternal grandmother and her mother also wore at their weddings.
American Broadhead Company introduces the new Liberty Head lineup, which incorporates their Zero Plane Technology blade design in a larger 1 5/16-inch cutting diameter.
HARDIN/From/J.B .MILLER." There is also a gold-plated brass chain, with a fob of a liberty head penny, with the date 1853 (the year of Hardin's birth).

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