Liability insurance

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Liability insurance

Insurance guarding against damage or loss that the policyholder, may cause another person in the form of bodily injury or property damage.

Liability Insurance

An insurance policy that guards the policyholder from legal expenses resulting from a lawsuit. This includes both attorneys' fees and damages that the policyholder must pay. Liability insurance is common in professions in which lawsuits are common, such as the medical field. A physician may buy liability insurance to protect himself/herself from the possibility that a patient will sue her for malpractice, negligence, or for any other reason. Premiums on liability insurance are sometimes considered prohibitively expensive, depending on the profession.
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The companies that qualify as a certified technology will still have to purchase liability insurance, Biagini said, because governmental immunity is not an absolute defense.
The question points to one of the fundamental differences between claims-made liability insurance and its occurrence cousin.
Plot 3B Uden - Liability insurance based on great workplaces;
offers employment practices liability coverage to medical professionals who carry the company's professional liability insurance.
Ronnie Musgrove has signed into law a bill enacting the state's first mandatory automobile liability insurance requirements.
Object of the contract has been divided into the following two parts Part I: motor insurance in respect of 1) the compulsory civil liability insurance of vehicle owners,2) liability insurance of vehicle owners moving overseas Green Card (UK)3) insurance of vehicles against damage and loss AUTO CASCO,4) accident insurance,5) Insurance AssistancePart II: property insurance and liability MPK Lublin Sp.
2 activity and product liability insurance services.

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