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Morphological analysis of Testicular tissue: We also studied the morphology of the cross sectional structure of testicles of normal follicles with intact germinal layer and leydig cell and the results showed complete destruction of leydig cells partially damaged germinal layer and destruction of sperms leading to empty spaces in the lumen of follicle of testicles in which 30% destruction of follicle was observed in the group at 30 day after the administration of K2Cr2O7 and 35% destruction of follicle was observed in the group at 30th day after administration the MgSO4 (Fig.
In testes, basal membrane, seminiferous tubule structures, interstitial region, all Leydig cells found within, and veins were observed to be in normal shape and structure.
Histological structure of control mouse testes showing a, normal architecture: control testes with normal seminiferous tubules (ST); b, normal structure of sperm stages, spermatogonia (G), sertoli cell (S), spermatocytes (SP), spermatids (SPT) normal interstitial tissue (IT) with clusters of leydig cells (L).
This action could have been either directly by its action on Leydig cells of the testis or indirectly through the pituitary gland.
We calculated the number of sections needed to find 1000 incidences of Leydig cells (cytoplasm or nucleus) in the interstitial tissue.
The main findings on testicular morphology in CP treated rats were the impairment of germ cell line maturation, highlighted by decreased Johnsen's testicular score, atrophy and degeneration of seminiferous tubules, vacuolization in Sertoli cells, interstitial edema and degeneration of Leydig cells (CERIBASI et al.
The interstitium contains variable numbers of Leydig cells.
After birth, Leydig cells gradually acquire the capacity for testosterone secretion, Akingbemi explained.
Following withdrawal of hCG injections, there is no further stimulation of the Leydig cells resulting in dramatic reduction in androgen production.
Leydig cells produce testosterone, and Sertoli cells nurture developing sperm cells.
Keywords: Albizia lebbeck; Antispermatogenic; Sperm motility; Sperm density; Sertoli cells; Leydig cells
Dietary fats show a direct impact not only on the lipid composition of the Leydig cells of the testes but, in turn, influence local steroidogenesis.