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Share price indexes for U.K. companies The denominator in the index formula is the market capitalization at the base date, adjusted for all capital changes affecting the particular index since the base date. See: Footsie (FTSE) (pronounced footsie).
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The Lex Column, Financial Times "Betfair is brave to attempt a London listing so soon after the Ocado debacle.
This coincided with a hard-hitting column in the highly influential Lex Column in the Financial Times which described Irish banks as "dead".
The Financial Times' Lex column referred to "a secretive, rushed, and rather unconvincing stress test exercise" which "failed to address the European banking sector's Achilles heel -- its exposure to sovereign debt.
Tett joined the Financial Times in 1993 and has served as its capital markets editor, deputy editor of the Lex column, Tokyo bureau chief, Tokyo correspondent, London-based economics reporter and a reporter in Russia and Brussels.
Last Saturday the Financial Times' influential Lex column described recent events here as "cosy Irish capitalism at its worst" and who could disagree with that.
According to the Financial Times (The Lex Column, Sept.
Old habits die hard and one of mine is that the Lex column in The Financial Times is required reading.
As the Lex column in the Financial Times put it: ABB without Percy Barnevik would have once seemed like Manchester United without Sir Alex Ferguson.
The FT's influential Lex column suggested that Dialog had mismanaged the acquisition of Knight-Ridder Information.
David started his career at the Financial Times where he held a number of roles over 8 years including Deputy Head of the Lex Column where his responsibilities included financial institutions.
There's a nice article in the Financial Times Lex column quoting our odds on the next Premiership shirt sponsor to go bust.
26 /PRNewswire/ -- The Financial Times is expanding its influential and agenda-setting Lex column.