Less-developed countries

Less-developed countries (LDCs)

Also known as emerging markets. Countries who's per capita GDP is below a World Bank-determined level.

Less Developed Country

A country with lower GDP relative to other countries. Less developed countries are characterized by little industry and sometimes a comparatively high dependence on foreign aid. Less developed countries often undertake programs of development, with greater or lesser interventions on the part of the national governments. They are major borrowers from organizations such as the World Bank. While no strict definition of which countries are less developed exists, most countries that do not belong to the OECD are considered less developed. See also: International development.
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In this context, Kuwait is exerting great efforts to create local and international partnerships to achieve the SDGs, as well as provide financial aid to Developing Countries and Less-Developed Countries.
While covering developed countries, this overview of urban transport development around the world highlights conditions in less-developed countries.
The EDCF is intended to support developing and less-developed countries through delivery of cost-efficient loan facilities.
But only about 40 per cent in developing countries and less than 15 per cent in less-developed countries are online, according to a report by the UN's International Telecommunications Union (ITU).
The demand for affordable monitoring devices in the developed as well as the less-developed countries is expected to propel the market growth of products, such as glucose test strips.
The EDCF is a state-run fund launched in 1987 aimed at helping developing and less-developed countries with loans that carry low interest rates.
There is no doubt that water quality is a major problem in less-developed countries, and we applaud Josh Kearns's efforts to do something about this.
Creation and development of sporting infrastructure in less-developed countries was another topic that drew special attention, and Qatar, among others, stressed on the need to help such countries.
But the country's media regularly portray a thriving sex industry involving prostitutes from China, Vietnam, Thailand and other less-developed countries in the region, and often disguised as massage operations.
defines the more-developed countries as those in Europe and North America, plus Australia, New Zealand, and Japan; the less-developed countries are in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Oceania.
Furthermore, this trend will likely continue for many years given the growing market in less-developed countries.
Journalist Vegter claims that environmental dangers are exaggerated and argues that less-developed countries should not be subjected to environmental policies that only rich nations can afford.