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com to learn how your publication can shed legacy costs associated with the pre-digital era and costly, antiquated on-site software with the Our Hometown WordPress-based CMS.
Among the drivers of production include emerging technologies -- such as AI, robotics and the Internet of Things -- which will "serve as a window of opportunity for lagging countries to catch up, since they can enter emerging industries at a later stage without the legacy costs of being locked into existing technologies," the report said, which was produced in collaboration with global consultants AT Kearney.
Ratings incorporate the legacy costs of past disasters as well as the capacity of governments and economies to absorb losses from future events.
All transaction-related expenses from the acquisitions occurred in 2016 and no legacy costs are expected this year.
The legacy costs stem from Germany's decision to end nuclear power by 2022 following the start of Japan's Fukushima disaster five years ago.
They have a much higher adaptation of tech solutions and are often producing more content at a lower cost due to technological advances, higher productivity and no legacy costs.
To help these communities adapt, the POWER+ Plan will invest in workers and jobs, addresses legacy costs in coal country, and drive development of coal technology.
Directors said Atom represents the first real alternative to traditional High Street Banks and is free of the existing banks' branch and legacy costs.
The bank is being billed as an alternative to traditional high street banking and is free of the existing banks' branch and legacy costs.
Private bankers face an array of customer service issues ranging from legacy costs associated with old operating models and outdated branch-based coverage strategies; unsophisticated advisory which lacks in tailored distinct offerings based on customer segmentation and life-stage needs and inflexible reporting systems that are outdated.
What with all those tanks, ships, and fast-flying thingies, not to mention the payroll and the legacy costs.
We will retain about two-thirds of our 60 stores, tighten our corporate structure, and shed legacy costs.