leaking underground storage tank

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leaking underground storage tank (LUST)

An underground tank that is leaking or spilling hazardous fluids into the soil or groundwater. In 1986 Congress established the Leaking Underground Storage Tank (LUST) Trust Fund to

• Oversee cleanups by responsible parties

• Enforce cleanups by recalcitrant parties

• Pay for cleanups at sites where the owner or operator is unknown, unwilling, or unable to respond or which require emergency action.

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The most common source of hydrocarbon contamination is spillsites, followed by leaking underground storage tanks and associated piping.
This is the case even though insureds have generally prevailed in cases concerning insurance disputes resulting from leaking underground storage tanks.
Asbestos insulation, lead paint, high radon levels, leaking underground storage tanks, poor indoor air quality, or even the past misuse of a pesticide may reduce a property's market value.
Another area of environmental concern for the lakeshore is hazardous waste, which was discovered after leaking underground storage tanks were found to have been part of a land purchase.
Contaminants originate from a variety of sources: broken fuel lines, leaking underground storage tanks, waste at construction sites and residue from gas stations.
contained leaking underground storage tanks, lead contaminated soils, hydraulic lifts and soils contaminated with petroleum and non-petroleum contaminants.
This began with the single issue of abandoned hazardous waste sites, but rapidly evolved to include other environmental concerns such as radon, asbestos, lead-based paint, and leaking underground storage tanks.
Funding sources of the design and construction of the system included: $125,000 from the federal leaking underground storage tanks cleanup fund; $600,000 from a state Department of Commerce Community Development Block Grant; $645,000 from the state leaking underground storage tanks commercial fund; and $1.