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Release of information selectively or not before official public announcement.


1. In Keynesian economics, the process of removing money from the economy. Savings, imports, and taxes are leaked out of the economy, though they may come back in through the spending of one's savings, exports, and government injections. Keynes' circular flow model subtracted the value of leakages from national output to identify aggregate output. Thus, it is necessary to know the value leakages in order to calculate the aggregate national output.

2. In credit, money borrowed from a bank that is not redeposited into that bank, which primarily occurs through default. In this sense, leakage reduces the ability of a bank to extend credit.


A measure of retail sales lost by a community to a competitive market, indicating the need for more retail development in an area.

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5 Treatment options include either to start with conservative measures including re-suturing of the wound and to opt for CSF lumbar drainage in case the CSF leakage doesn't stop,6,7 or to institute CSF lumbar drainage simultaneously with the conservative measures as the initial intervention.
This study was planned to note ultrasonographic (USG) findings used for diagnosing plasma leakage in patients managed with diagnosis of DHF.
2008) provided the first documented published data on leakage in parallel FPTUs.
A relative operating characteristic (ROC) curve was applied to determine whether the DCPW difference can be used to estimate the degree of cement leakage.
The independent variables considered in this study are containment leakage area, supply air airflow rate, and the rack heat load.
To analyse the power and delay model of logic blocks leakage power consumption in CMOS circuits should be known.
YorKshire Water has changed the way it monitors, responds to and anticipates LEAKAGE in a bid to TACKLE the problem of 'lost water'.
Furthermore, our results showed that the leakage rates for a given obturation limit, such as about 0.
Bladder catheter leakage occurs intermittently and is described as urine not flowing into the drainage bag, but rather, urine flowing between the catheter shaft and the urethra mucosa or around the catheter when inserted suprapubically.
Then the leakage amount between pump barrel and plunger is:
To simplify the procedure of calculating acceptable leakage, SMACNA provides leakage factors that correspond to Leakage Classifications 2, 4, 8, and 16 in Table E-1.
The directorate is rendering this service free of charge after identifying the districts with more cases of water leakage.