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Release of information selectively or not before official public announcement.


1. In Keynesian economics, the process of removing money from the economy. Savings, imports, and taxes are leaked out of the economy, though they may come back in through the spending of one's savings, exports, and government injections. Keynes' circular flow model subtracted the value of leakages from national output to identify aggregate output. Thus, it is necessary to know the value leakages in order to calculate the aggregate national output.

2. In credit, money borrowed from a bank that is not redeposited into that bank, which primarily occurs through default. In this sense, leakage reduces the ability of a bank to extend credit.


A measure of retail sales lost by a community to a competitive market, indicating the need for more retail development in an area.

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Justice Dost Mohammad remarked " Gas pilfering and leakage is harmful to national kitty and human lives.
Power consumption of CMOS circuits consists of switching and leakage power.
YORKSHIRE Water has been named as one of only two water companies in the UK to reduce leakage last year.
The rate of air leakage can depend on several factors including the effective leakage area, locations of the leakage paths, air pressure difference between the containment system and the data center room, rack heat load and associated server airflow rates, as well as on the length, width, and height of cold and hot aisles.
Initial findings from a new comprehensive study undertaken by the Environmental Defense Fund and the University of Texas found that methane leakage rates from natural gas systems were far below estimates of previous studies.
Non-leakage oil pump is mainly made up of pump barrel, centralizer, plunger core, elastic sealing body, travelling valve and fixed valve (Figure 1), adopting composite seal mainly by hydraulic flexible seal, supplemented by wear self-liquidating, fully reducing leakage, improving the efficiency of the pump.
The Water Directorate in Madinah has launched a drive to detect leakage in the internal water network of government buildings and residences in the city.
More than a third report current leakage greater than one-percent of revenue, including 15 percent who report more than 10 percent leakage; to help combat leakage executive compensation should be tied to revenue assurance performance: KPMG's Geppert
A small leakage of heavy water at an nuclear power plant in Karachi has been brought under control, a senior nuclear energy official said Thursday.
Following the accident, the crew was able to detect the gas leakage due to the whistling sound that came from the truck.
Most sites have no internal program for detecting compressed-air leakage; the general industry leakage rate for sites without active management programs is in the region of 20%--40%.
Reducing leakage is the first step in minimizing compressed-air demand.