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"Combined, the Member States of the League of Arab States and the European Union account for 12% of the world's population.
"The signing of this MoU is an important step towards enabling cooperation between the League of Arab States and ITFC.
Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Twaijri, assistant secretary general for economic affairs at the League of Arab States, said at present intra-Arab trade was mostly in commodities, and that there were plans to promote trade in services as well.
'Together, we must create the conditions for meaningful negotiations that will resolve the core issues of the conflict and end the occupation that started in 1967,' he told the audience at the League of Arab States gathering.
-- In its first comprehensive report on the attitudes of young people in the League of Arab States, Gallup finds that in many of the countries surveyed, only minorities of respondents express satisfaction with efforts to increase the number of quality jobs.
"The League of Arab States looks forward to an international initiative to ensure the continuous provision of nuclear fuel for countries that are building reactors for the generation of electricity.
Khanna wants the UN to add Japan and India to the roster of Security Council permanent members, collapse the French and British places into a single seat for the European Union, and further beef up the permanent membership by awarding slots to the Organization of American States, the League of Arab States and the African Union.
The Council of the League of Arab States at the Summit Level, at its Fourteenth Ordinary Session,
REPRESENTATIVES of the League of Arab States are also visiting Wales this week.
The PLO, nevertheless, extracted from the League of Arab States recognition that it was "the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people." All regional and international organizations followed suit.
Cairo, July 17, 2019, SPA -- Saudi Ambassador to Egypt Osama bin Ahmed Nugali, who is also his country's Permanent Representative to the League of Arab States, chaired here today a meeting of the directors of the African Affairs departments at the Arab foreign ministries.

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