Leading economic indicators

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Leading economic indicators

Economic series that tend to rise or fall in advance of the rest of the economy.

Leading Economic Indicator

An indicator that occurs before an economy has started moving in a particular direction and is therefore used to predict the economy's movement. For example, a reduction in the average number of hours worked by manufacturing employees is considered a leading indicator because it usually precedes an economic slowdown or a recession. Among the indicators used by the Composite Index of Leading Indicators are the change in the money supply and the number of new building permits issued for residences. Leading economic indicators are used to help predict the direction of the economy; investors and businesses can use them to make their decisions accordingly.
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This work has resulted in the development of three experimental indexes: an index of coincident economic indicators (CEI), an index of leading economic indicators (LEI), and a new series that we call a "recession index" (RI).
leading economic indicators posted solid gains on Thursday.
The composite index of leading economic indicators, which predicts economic developments over the coming months, was revised upward to 99.
US Leading Economic Indicators rose just shy of expectations for a 0.
asp On the home page, view a scrolling window of the leading economic indicators.
The Conference Board's Index of Leading Economic Indicators rose for the third consecutive month to a 116.
July marked the fourth straight month in which the Conference Board's Index of Leading Economic Indicators showed an increase.
Leading economic indicators show that the economy has been expanding at a 5.
Also in June, Barnds pointed out, the index of leading economic indicators rose after six negative months.
With leading economic indicators pointing downward, projections for PBT demand growth for 1991, according to sources at suppliers, range from flat to potentially negative.

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