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Service 14, 15: Will operate via Toll Bar, Gloddaeth Lane, Crogfryn Lane, Conway Road Roundabout, to the Links Hotel Roundabout, Clarence Crescent,Llandudno Law Courts "observing temporary Bus stop".
A road closure between the law courts and city road is in place."
Speaking at the state conference of the Kerala Union of Working Journalists, Vijayan reminded the lawyers that the "judiciary is the authority at law courts and advocates need not attempt to wear that garb".
The special ceremony was described by Judge Richard Twomlow as "an historic day for the town" because it saw not one, but two Chief Justices visit its law courts.
That terracotta, an integral part of the Birmingham vernacular, was manufactured by Gibbs and Canning Limited of Tamworth, who also produced work for the Law Courts and London's Natural History Museum.
It should be realised that law courts do make mistakes and in some cases it's lack of evidence that results in a case of child cruelty being thrown out of court.
Welcomed into the town by a large crowd, the Lord Chancellor, Lord Hailsham, followed a macebearer into the new Teesside Law Courts to mark the official opening.
The integrated system will streamline family law courts and will be presided over by a dedicated judiciary who are "specialised and expert" in family law.
Georgian President, Mikheil Saakashvili, is ready to engage in consideration of the bill on the Common Law Courts,
Summary: Common law courts have increased jurisdiction, which may take away some business to Emirati lawyers.
STAFF at Mold Law Courts were so horrified by a case where a conman pretended to collect sponsorship for Help the Heroes, but kept the cash himself, that they decided to do something about it.
After that, only disputes not resolved by the program will go to law courts," Al-Issa said in a press conference convened on the sidelines of the forum.