Last In, First Out

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Last in, first out (LIFO)

An accounting method that fixes the cost of goods sold to the most recent purchases. Hence, if prices are generally rising, LIFO will lead to lower accounting profitability.
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Last In, First Out

In accounting, a technique for valuing inventory by treating inventory acquired most recently as if it were sold first. The sale of inventory is recorded against the purchase price of the most recently acquired inventory, even if the physical goods are not the same. In times of high inflation, the last-in, first out technique reduces a business' inflation risk. It also may reduce one's tax liability. For these reasons, most American firms have used this technique in their accounting since the 1970s.
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Last In, First Out (LIFO)

An accounting method for valuing inventories for tax purposes. Under this method, the last items purchased are treated as being the first items sold. Ending inventory is valued using the cost of the items with the earlier purchase dates.
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