last sale

Last sale

The most recent trade performed in a security.

Last Sale

The most recent trade on a security, especially an exchange. The price of the last sale is considered the security's market price.

last sale

The most recent transaction in a particular security.
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Nasdaq (NDAQ) announced that Sina (SINA) is now an official vendor of Nasdaq Last Sale and Nasdaq Global Index Data Service in China.
KIA's last sale in the Manhattan, the $235 million disposition of 885 Third Avenue to Tishman Speyer in 2004, was executed in a single round bid that produced questions whether the authority had realized the building's maximum value.
HUD's final rule--published in the Federal Register on June 7 and in a HUD Mortgagee Letter (2006-14) on June 8--requires that only owners of record may sell properties, and that resale of a property may not occur 90 or fewer days from the last sale to be eligible for FHA financing.
The last sale was that of a 130,000 square-foot building at 59 Hook Road.
bedrooms and bathrooms, and date of last sale and sale price, are necessary for this current filling.