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An order from a judge or jury to pay a certain amount of money. Judgments usually come after a lawsuit or a criminal conviction. For example, if a company is sued and found liable, it may receive a judgment for, say, $1 million, which it must pay to the plaintiff. Also, if one is convicted of theft, one may be ordered to repay what one has stolen. See also: Out-of-Court Settlement.


An order of a court.

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Although Michelangelo frescoed The Last Judgment some twenty years after he completed the ceiling, his alignment of Jonah and Christ the Judge, an alignment reflecting Christ's own words, is too perfect to be pure coincidence.
This is the view that Forsyth discerns in Les Tragiques, and his detailed analysis of the work is organized into chapters on each of the phases of God's justice in its punitive sense: the chastisement of the elect (cantos Miseres and Princes), God's "patience," or his waiting for the sins of his enemies to reach their peak (La Chambre doree, Les Feux, and Les Fers), his vengeance against the wicked within the course of human history (Vengeances), and the Last Judgment (Jugement).
On 15 December 1445, he was awarded the contract to produce the prestigious frescoes of the Last Judgment in the apse, and the stories on the sidewalls, that is, the works around the newly completed monumental retablo of the Old Cathedral of Salamanca.
Both Wetekam and Edgar stressed that, for Catholics and mainline Protestant believers, the end of time also calls for a last judgment but without conservative Christian prophesies of warfare, bloodshed and upheaval.
In 10 minutes, viewers see a number of his major sculptures, including the Pieta and David, along with his brilliant renderings of intricate groups of figures in the restored Sistine Chapel and his later fresco, The Last Judgment.
Vasari: As Michelangelo was completing The Last Judgment in 1541, he was interrupted by surprise visitors.
Marshals to: collect on Imperato's last judgment against Wallace.
Peter's, Moses, the fortifications of Florence, the Last Judgment, and many more.
On the contrary, the crusaders of the religious right do not wait patiently for the Last Judgment but seek political power here and now.
includes a kind of postscript on the Last Judgment, painted 1536-1541, Michelangelo's vision of the afterlife merits more than an afterthought.
The familiar concepts of hell, heaven, resurrection, the coming of the Messiah, the individual and last judgment were for the first time incorporated into this belief system.
The paintings are of different religious subjects (they are grouped together only because they're all by anonymous artists), with the celebrated Scenes from the Life of the Virgin and the Last Judgment receiving especially lengthy discussion.