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Describing a publicly-traded company with large amount of market capitalization. Though there is no fixed measurement, a large-capitalization company typically has a market capitalization over $5 billion or $10 billion. Some brokerages or exchanges have slightly different definitions of large-capitalization. Some indexes track large-capitalization companies, as do some exchange traded funds. See also: Mid-Cap, Low-Cap.

Large-capitalization (large-cap) stock.

The stock of companies with market capitalizations typically of $10 billion or more is known as large-cap stock. Market cap is figured by multiplying the number of either the outstanding or floating shares by the current share price.

Large-cap stock is generally considered less volatile than stock in smaller companies, in part because the bigger companies may have larger reserves to carry them through economic downturns.

However, market capitalization is always in flux. Today's large-cap stock can drop out of that category if the share price plunges either in a general market downturn or as a result of internal problems.

And the opposite is true as well. Many of the country's largest companies began life as start-ups.

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3) convergence of large-capitalization biotech valuations;
As the year began, we saw a number of product-specific and valuation issues that could adversely affect performance of large-capitalization companies, such as Genentech, Inc.
Its Gulf South location gives its analysts an added advantage, allowing their energy coverage to include large-capitalization to early-stage companies in every area from infrastructure to exploration, he said.
Hotchkis and Wiley joins four other investment advisors in managing the $25 billion large-capitalization value fund, which has utilized a multi-manager approach since 1987.
41% expense ratio of the average large-capitalization value fund (source: Lipper).
Asset classes will span the spectrum from large-capitalization growth to alternative investments, and investments can include commingled funds, collective trusts, separate accounts and institutional mutual funds.
He began his career with Keefe, Bruyette & Woods in corporate finance and merger advisory and in 1990 joined the equity research department as a bank stock analyst covering large-capitalization regional banks.
Kraws brings 14-plus years of experience providing competitive analysis and/or research coverage on large-capitalization pharmaceutical, drug delivery, specialty pharmaceutical, biotechnology, generic, and medical technology companies.
The Trustees of Managers Capital Appreciation Fund (MGCAX) (the "Fund"), a diversified large-capitalization growth equity fund, have approved the appointment of Bramwell Capital Management, Inc.
LLC) as Associate Vice President within the Healthcare Research Group covering large-capitalization pharmaceutical, specialty pharmaceutical, generic, drug delivery, biopharmaceutical and medical technology companies.
Since Corkins assumed management of Janus Growth and Income Fund in August 1997, the fund ranks in the top three percent (12 out of 445) of all large-capitalization core funds ranked by Lipper through January 31, 2003.

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