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Describing a publicly-traded company with large amount of market capitalization. Though there is no fixed measurement, a large-capitalization company typically has a market capitalization over $5 billion or $10 billion. Some brokerages or exchanges have slightly different definitions of large-capitalization. Some indexes track large-capitalization companies, as do some exchange traded funds. See also: Mid-Cap, Low-Cap.
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Large-capitalization (large-cap) stock.

The stock of companies with market capitalizations typically of $10 billion or more is known as large-cap stock. Market cap is figured by multiplying the number of either the outstanding or floating shares by the current share price.

Large-cap stock is generally considered less volatile than stock in smaller companies, in part because the bigger companies may have larger reserves to carry them through economic downturns.

However, market capitalization is always in flux. Today's large-cap stock can drop out of that category if the share price plunges either in a general market downturn or as a result of internal problems.

And the opposite is true as well. Many of the country's largest companies began life as start-ups.

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The influence on shareholder wealth is more pronounced among large capitalization stocks than small capitalization stocks.
By definition, the sustainable development portfolio and the TSE 100, also comprised of large capitalization companies, were comparable.
The data examined in this study consist of monthly rates of return over the period of January 1969 through December 1995 on two stock indices from the London Stock Exchange: (1) Financial Times Actuaries-All Share Stock Index (FTA), representing large capitalization stocks in the UK, and (2) Smaller Companies Stock Index (UKSM), as an index of small capitalization stocks.
Shares of automotive industry sector like Astra International which is considered liquid and has large capitalization were not exempted from market correction.
Large capitalization managers or small "cap" managers?
investment policy analyst Edward Kerschner believes that better times are ahead for secondary stocks after a year of underperforming the large capitalization stocks.
large capitalization upstream independents that have a similar profile in terms of leverage, capital efficiency, production growth and free cash flow generation.
One, the project may involve large capitalization and splitting the components would be more acceptable.
Each StrataQuant sector index results from applying the AlphaDEX methodology to the Russell 1000 Index (a market index representing the large capitalization segment of the US equity universe), then selecting the constituent securities for the applicable index from those qualifying stocks included in the applicable sector.
Among other large capitalization stocks, Sony rose 20 yen to 4,690 yen after the long-awaited debut Saturday of its PlayStation 3 advanced game console in Japan.

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