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When a parent-subsidiary relationship exists between two companies in different countries using different currencies, the act or practice of changing the financial statements of the subsidiary to conform to the accounting standards of the parent's country, as well as re-denominating the subsidiary's currency into the parent's currency. According to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles in the United States, the translation of a foreign currency to U.S. dollars must be accurate as of the date on the financial statement. If there have been substantial changes to the exchange rate since that date, the consolidated financial statement must note this.


The expression of amounts denominated in one currency in terms of another currency by using the rate at which two currencies are exchanged. For example, a firm with foreign operations might express sales made in German marks in terms of U.S. dollars. Also called foreign currency translation.
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This need reflects in the current generation of smartphones - the Samsung Galaxy S IV, for instance, has language translation software that works on a real-time basis.
Culture and Information Minister Shaikha Mai bint Mohammed Al Khalifa told Shura Council members yesterday that Bahrain Radio and Television Corporation (BRTC) had already planned in the past to have sign language translations in the programmes.
Automatic language translation technology can be used in several correctional applications, including:
Companies discussed in the language translation software market report for 2014 - 2020 include Lionbridge, Babylon, Systran, IBM, Asia Online, SDL / Trados, Microsoft, Softissimo, Google, Language Engineering, LLC (LEC), AlphaCRC, American Translators Association (ATA), Asia Online, Bablefish, The Big Word, Bitext, CallMiner, China Translation Industry, Cloudwords, Duolingo, Globalization and Localization Association (GALA), Hewlett Packard, Jonckers, Kilgray, Lingo24, Lingotek, Lloyd International Translations, Mission Essential Personnel (MEP), Moravia, MultiCorpora, Niemanlab.
In the last month, the Language Translation services have been used in deployments of Aestiva Purchase Order for service in Central America, Japan, Vietnam, and Quebec.
They are based on language translation that makes apps useful globally.
com)-- Demand for translations of exotic and less common languages has been rising sharply in the last several years, according to language translations expert Nina Ivanichvili, CEO of the Colorado-based language translations company All Language Alliance, Inc.
According to Susan Eustis, the lead author of the study, "the globally integrated enterprise is the market driving force in language translation markets.
Table 8: Top Mobile App Languages by Popularity: PercentageShare Breakdown of Most Used Language (includescorresponding Graph/Chart) II-17Hybrid Machine Translation Blends Statistics and Rules II-17Real Time Translation: Yet to Become a Reality II-17Cloud - Based Services on the Rise II-18Human Translators - Still in Demand II-18Telepresence Propels Growth in Language Translation Market II-19Burgeoning Demand for Financial Translations Services II-19Localization in Medical Sector II-19Industry Faces Copyright Issues II-20Price - A Major Concern for Mid-Size Language Service Providers II-20
With over 2 billion people in the world identifying English, Chinese or Spanish as their first language, Moka is leading the way to provide mobile language translation and learning solutions in support of both the consumer and business markets for an increasingly borderless world.
Language translation has a pivotal role in the innovative life science community, and we welcome the opportunity to share our expertise and resolve the MBC members' language translation needs.
com/reports/c68601) has announced the addition of Language Translation - Market Opportunities, Strategies and Forecasts, 2007 to 2013 to their offering.

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